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TRON is one of the largest blockchain projects set to decentralize the online world and grant users full control of their content. It makes use of digital storage technology coupled with blockchain to allow users to create and share content. It essentially functions to make the internet autonomous. Various elements of entertainment encoded as data will be shared on a worldwide platform at the discretion of their owners thus creating a global online entertainment franchise. It is among the technologies mooted to revolutionize the internet.

The Founders of TRON (TRX)

TRON (TRX) was founded by Justin Sun, a student of the Jack Ma Hupan University for entrepreneurs (TRX, 2018). Justin Sun is world famous as a relatively young CEO of PEIWO – the most popular voice streaming application in China with viewership of up to 10 million users. He is also an advisor and the Chief Representative at the Ripple Labs franchise. He has also been mentioned in the Forbes Asian 30 under 30 as a major participant in the consumer technology sector. He is essentially a protégé and beneficiary of Jack Ma’s outreach program. Justin Sun ventured into the blockchain business recently in the form of TRX. It has since been listed in the top 20 cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap.

TRON (TRX) Functions & Advantages

As previously mentioned, TRON is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol which takes advantage of distributed technology to allow users to share data all over the globe. This is with the aim of creating an entertainment platform which will be used all over the world. Users reserve the power to determine publication of data, its storage, ownership, and access. The users are also able to share data in the way they please by deciding the subscriptions.

The advantages of TRON are majorly based on its autonomous nature. In the decentralized and autonomous form, it grants users the power to determine every aspect of ownership pertaining to their data. Furthermore, it is entirely free thereby allowing users to easily enjoy entertainment content from all over the world.

An important feature of TRON is that it integrates with digital assets to allow content creators to explore their talents. This is an advantage since makes it highly reliable with a mobile network structure based on high value assets. Service providers such as Facebook and YouTube can be accessed and used while the users are proportionately compensated for their data.

Blockchain and Technology

TRON is a blockchain based decentralized protocol with ambitions of global reach. More specifically, it aims to build an entertainment platform whereby users can share and store data. The system is entirely autonomous allowing users to decide the distribution and promotion of content. By dealing with digital assets, the system becomes a rounded entertainment system.

TRON makes use of open source code in addition to the aforementioned technologies. The TRON blockchain is an EC-20 token as it is built on Ethereum. By accessing nodes on the blockchain, software built on any language can be uploaded to the system. Only the user will possess the private key and therefore the right to change their own content.

Investing or Trading in TRON (TRX)

It is advisable to invest in TRON at the present. This is because it has steadily risen in popularity as other forms of cryptocurrency have diminished in market value. It has also struggled to some extent although its throughput still remains greater than that of the world’s two leading cryptocurrencies – Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The world class team of developers, investors, and staff associated with TRX also point to a more promising future with the coin. As a result of the astute leadership of its CEO, TRON has made several important moves such a defining its goal (to become a major player in the entertainment industry) and continues to pursue this aggressively.


TRON is a blockchain system which allows users to create, share, and control all aspects of ownership of data. It aims to be a worldwide entertainment platform which grants users free access to worldwide audiences by eliminating third parties. TRON continues to show promise after being among the world’s leading cryptocurrencies for the year 2018. It is therefore highly recommended that interested individuals invest in its coin TRX because of its capability to counter everyday challenges.


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